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See what some of our volunteers and members think of CCC. 

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We offer valuable support, sanctuary, training and guidance to vulnerable and isolate people. The work we do and the hospitality we offer is a life line to many, but don’t just take our word for it…


‘When I first came to the Centre I was shy and didn’t really know what I could do. The team is very professional but also friendly and helped me build my confidence and self-esteem. I’ve learnt so much including how to interact with people again. I feel ready for the next part of my life.’ 

Clare Glen, Single parent, one child.


‘If it wasn’t for the things I’d done here at the Centre and the people I’ve met who encouraged and supported me I wouldn’t be where I am now, full of confidence and looking to find a job in IT.’  

Holly Kite, Single parent, one child.


‘For some people who come on the Goldies trips and lunches, this might be the only time they get out of the house. It’s such an important part of our week and the people who run it are just wonderful.’

Liz Dale, Active member of the Seniors group.


‘We met the majority of our friends through the Community Centre, it was the best thing we ever did.’

Derek Mileham, Café volunteer.


‘My children have depended on the activities here but so have I. It has been wonderful to meet people and share experiences as I have no family close and few friends. The Centre has helped me with my parenting skills and helped us avoid being excluded. I want to feel more independent and I hope the courses will help me do that.

Ayeda  Al-Hamiri,  Parent with English as an additional language, three children.